Architectural Rendering


Custom renderings are available upon request! The architectural renderings shown here represent architecture that was originally depicted in photographs. 


Video process documentation is available for viewing. The most recent architectural pencil renderings shown here have been video recorded as they were produced in order to demonstrate how they were made.  To view a process video, please click on the link beneath the caption of each image, or search for them directly on YouTube


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  1. Send an email inquiry with an attached digital photgraph(s) of your architectural subject/reference (this could be a picture of your house, the house of a friend or family member, your favorite public building or monument, a close-up image of a specific architectural detail, etc.)

  2. A response will be sent (usually within 2 business days) with comments and questions for clarification. Project specifications and final project fee will then be established. *** Work on your project will begin after 50% of the agreed upon fee has been paid up-front via PayPal

  3. During the creation process, you will receive an email with a progress image of your architecture rendering. This will be your assurance that progress is being made on your project, and you will have this opportunity to modify your request if desired

  4. You will receive an email with a photographed image of your completed architecture rendering. If you are satisfied, the remaining 50% of the agreed upon fee will be paid via PayPal, and your architecture rendering will be prepared and shipped according to your specifications

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