Recent Artwork:

Comic Book Rendering

September 28, 2019

Original comic art with process iterations using graphite pencils, ink, and image making software.

St. Mary's Cathedral

July 31, 2019

Illustration of a Cathedral made with graphite pencils on 11x14 mixed-media paper.


October 19, 2018

​Portrait of a dog made with graphite pencils on 11x14 mixed-media paper.

Fundamentals of Human Understanding

September 15, 2018

eBook: A philosophical dialogue concerning the nature of the human psyche.

Jan & Jimmy

March 17, 2018

​Portrait made with graphite pencils on 11x14 mixed-media paper.

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Welcome! Art Media Fuse offers original art products by artist Aaron Kreinbrook. Here you will find high-quality works of art, created with various media, that are intended to facilitate inspiration in others, while serving as vehicles for the author's artistic practice, observations, and personal expressions. Original artwork currently includes Portraiture, Architectural Rendering, Comic Book Art, Abstract Art, Musical Composition, and Literature. 


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