Art Media Fuse offers creative products by artist Aaron Kreinbrook. Aaron intends to facilitate inspiration with his artwork through the use of various art media which conveys specific and non-specific meanings. Art content that projects specific meaning is meant to confront and educate the beholder with little room for alternative interpretation. By contrast, art content that projects non-specific meaning is meant to have a raw aesthetic expression that empowers the beholder to apply personal interpretation, as it frees them from the imposition of a message.



The creative products offered at Art Media Fuse currently include Portraiture, Architectural Rendering, Comic Book Art, Abstract Art, Musical Composition, and Literature. Various applications of the Abstract Art can be found at Aaron's product shop at Fine Art America. Complete editions of Aaron's literary works may be found through several distributors, including Amazon and Barnes&Noble. Aaron's instrumental music, as well as musical collaborations, are searchable on YouTube and Soundcloud.  



Artist Statement

"Creating original and non-representational artwork is a meditative practice for me. I enter into a state of mind that is primarily nonverbal and open to experimentation. Constraints are transcended through a process that is largely unconscious. The results of this process are not based upon reactions to things that are outside of myself, nor are they typically intended to communicate a specific message to a specific audience. Rather, my original works of art are generally intended to be raw and unfiltered aesthetic expressions that are open for interpretation.


The production of original representational artwork is also a meditative practice for me. When making representational art, I am highly conscious of what is experienced, and very much in control of what I am doing in order that I may create an accurate representation through chosen media. With this type of art, I endeavor to be as present and honest as possible in order to minimize the distortions which can result from displacing what I want or expect to observe with what I actually observe. In this way, the practice of making representational art seems to allow for the source of representation to be perceived and represented as it is.


My purpose for making art is to facilitate inspiration, both for myself and for others. I invite my audience to enter into the meditative state that I experience when making my art, which is enlightening and pregnant with infinite possibilities."