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The Essence of Form

The Essence of Form identifies and describes the core constituents of a redefinition of what is commonly known as "form". With its new definition as the synthesis between an object and its appearance, the term "form" implies five specific categories which participate in the essence of its meaning and reality, namely, consciousness, constitution, potential, source, and function. These implied categories are explored thoroughly to reveal the nature of "form" as something that is both contextual and ubiquitous.

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Conscience & Moral Truth

Conscience & Moral Truth is an introspective dialogue which identifies the nature of human conscience as it relates to moral truth. This book proposes epistemological, metaphysical, and ethical ideas that are largely consistent with the basic tenets of Christianity. The content herein, presented through a conversation between two fictitious characters, serves as a reflection of the author's conscious thought process regarding the themes under consideration.

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Dialectical Ontology

Dialectical Ontology is a philosophical and theological discourse concerning the ultimate essence of reality as it relates to being. Through an attempt to identify universal truth, this work exposes the limits of human knowledge and explores many of the philosophical underpinnings of a fundamentally Christian perspective. 

In a dialogue between two fictitious characters, Aaron Kreinbrook articulates the nature and implications of what it means to 'be' for our modern world. The dialogue reflects the author's conscious thought progression pertaining to the metaphysical subject matter.

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Fundamentals of Human Understanding

Fundamentals of Human Understanding is an organized collection of philosophical observations concerning the orientation, content, mechanics, and products of the human psyche. This work addresses many specific questions about the nature of human understanding through a dialogue between two fictitious characters. The conversation between characters represents a process of conscious though which paints the picture of a reality that affects all of humanity.

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